Kings Set of three, heights 13" to 15", $115 NZD (about $US89.65, €71.60)

K12  Blue Kings with gold trims - $115 NZD

K2: Natural (calico) kings. Gold trims will vary  

$115 NZD

K5: Green, cream and red kings with gold trims - $115

K14 Gold and natural coloured Kings - $115 NZD

K8 Blue/green, Green, Red kings with gold trims  

$115 NZD

K11 Dark red and cream Kings with gold trims  

$115 NZD

K13 Gold, bronze kings with white head dresses

$115 - NZD

K15 Orange kings with gold trims (one only)  

$115 NZD

Note: Photos do not always show true colour tones. Materials and gold trims may vary from those shown, due to availability. 

NZ residents: courier charge  $15.  NB: for rural areas please add $5 courier fee.

Overseas orders: postage costs will be quoted per order, plus an extra packaging fee of $15 for each consignment. 

Prices subject to change and overseas prices subject to variations in exchange rate.